Shepherd Care

April 22, 2018
22 Apr 2018

(Psalm 23, John 10: 11-18)

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

By Dr. Joel Alvis

How is the Good Shepherd preparing us during a time of transition?

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How The Sausage Is Made

April 15, 2018
15 Apr 2018


(Luke 24: 36-48)

The Third Sunday of Easter

By Rev. Jody Andrade

How important is it to understand every detail behind what we believe? If we dare to believe, we may be surprised at what we receive. It is wondrous to wonder.

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Finding Encouragement

April 8, 2018
08 Apr 2018


(Psalm 133, Acts 3:1-10, 4:23-27)

The Second Sunday of Easter

By Dr. Joel Alvis

What does encouragement mean for those who follow the risen Christ?

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Stunning Good News

April 1, 2018
01 Apr 2018

(Isaiah 25: 6-9; Mark 16: 1-8)

Easter Sunday

By Dr. Joel Alvis

Holy Week is a confusing and disorienting time for Christians and sometimes our lives need to be rattled a bit (even if it’s something seemingly innocuous like email identity theft). But…there is always stunning good news to come after we’ve been jolted.

Stunning Good News

Making Preparations

March 26, 2018
26 Mar 2018


(Isaiah 50:4-9a; Mark 11:1-11 and 14:12-16)

Palm Sunday

By Dr. Joel Alvis

Entering Holy Week and journeying with Jesus as he nears the cross is all about making preparations for a holy encounter with God and other human beings.

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Just Who Can Be Saved?

March 18, 2018
18 Mar 2018


(Psalm 22: 1-8, 22-31; Mark 10:1. 17-31)

The Fifth Sunday of Lent

By Dr. Joel Alvis

What do we need to receive and what do we need to let go to embrace Jesus’ gift of eternal life?

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March 12, 2018
12 Mar 2018

(Numbers 21: 4-9 and John 3: 14-21)

The Fourth Sunday of Lent

By Rev. Jody Andrade

Lent is a time when we are challenged to examine ourselves as we journey with Jesus. What do you see when you look at the cross?

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Take These Things

March 4, 2018
04 Mar 2018


(John 2:13-22)

The Third Sunday of Lent

By Rev. Andy Acton

Why does Jesus get angry in the temple and how is the event important to our understanding of the Christ whom we follow on this Lenten journey?

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Get Behind Me

February 25, 2018
25 Feb 2018

(Mark 8:27-38)

The Second Sunday of Lent

By Rev. Jennie Sankey

What does taking up one’s cross mean for a new class of 8th grade confirmands and us as Christians on our journey with Jesus?

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The Rainbow Connection

February 18, 2018
18 Feb 2018

(Genesis 9:8-17)

The First Sunday of Lent

By Rev. Jody Andrade

In the story of Noah, following the flood event, God shows a rainbow to Noah and his family as a sign of God’s covenant. But what good is a rainbow when all has been flooded and lost? What good is a rainbow after the rain and storms in our lives?

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